A fancy form of space travel.


Tea, crumpets and spaceships, oh my! Welcome to ’39 days to Mars’, a single-player or co-op game, from the minds of ‘It’s Anecdotal.’ You step into the shoes of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honorable Clarence Baxter. The two brave explorers are chosen to pilot the HMS Fearful for its first voyage. A massive ship of this size however is bound to run into its fair share of issues on it’s journey. How will you rise to the challenge to get to mars in one piece?

Single Player/co-op

Most of the game I played on single player was with keyboard and mouse. Upon starting the game the music and the menus were very pleasing. The dialogue in the game was voiced as well, which is such welcome relief considering a lot of these smaller games being pure text. Control wise the game was tricky to get the hang of but with a bit of trial and error it seemed to get easier.

The co-op side of the game was a bit different and honestly much more fun. This game features a local co-op, so you’ll have to play on the same screen. When I did the 2 player review I had help, with myself on a keyboard and mouse and my co-op partner on a controller which they reported little to no issue. He even said the controller part of the game seems to run very fluid.


In the end however I really wish this game had more substance. The game in the end took a total of 40 minutes to finish even in that short time the puzzles felt more like a chore then entertaining. Audio for the game was very pleasant and really gave the game an elegant feel. I really wish the game had more to it, considering it was backed on Kickstarter. However I can not recommend the game at this time. When or if the game is updated I do look forward to visiting it again.