A light at the end of the dungeon


In the twilight hours of the setting sun our knights of the ember order venture to what is left of the mighty castle. The eerie breathing in the air fills them with dread. However honor bound they press forward to clear the evil from this once mighty place. Strike after mighty strike they clear the way moving ever close to the source of the issue. Then like the fires that light the way a voice becomes louder and louder in the heads of our hero’s. Almost as suddenly as they felt the warm light of hope the world around them goes red and they face each other. Reading their weapons they take the familiar combat stance and charge at the people they once called brothers.

Time to assemble the party

This game at the start was definitely something that really surprised me. I always love classic games and I really enjoy the style that this game took. It has shades of inspiration from everything from Diablo 2 to D&D. The music really sets the scene and gives depth to the moment the game is trying to portray. Audio for combat and environment are really decent to the overall captivation of the journey. For a game that’s made in Unity it really has its own unique feel that was really quite refreshing.

The two major issues I had with the game were first the grind feel that the game has. I found my self really slugging through a lot of the level content to reach the end. Secondly was when I had started the game my anti virus software had quarantined the game. I had to turn off my anti virus, I use AVG for context, download it, run it, and then turn it back on. I spoke with the developers, who are amazing and super professional by the way, and gave some feed back about what I had found.


Now comes the million dollar question of whether or not I can recommend this game? In its current state even if it is in early access I can safely say yes. The game just has a gentle flow of pacing, the characters are well done, and the game runs smoothly. I do hope they can fix the quarantine issue with the game when you download it. I tried to create an exception but it still was giving me issues. As the game gets closer to launch I really do look forward to what the game will evolve into. In its current state I would rate the game 7/10.