Adventures in a 2000s space time


In the deep reaches of space humanities problems reach far. Welcome to Space Mercenary Shooter Episode 1, you are sent in to deal with a mutiny aboard a star ship bound for space. You come to find out that there is a labor dispute and the group have taken over the ship. Who is the leader bent on stopping you? What happened to the crew? How will you take the ship back?

The Good

So when I came across this game I had both a sense of nostalgia and keen interest. This, like other games I’ve played from the early 2000’s really brought me back to my childhood. The music as subtle and really gave depth between the levels I traversed. Enemy AI seemed to be very responsive and on point. Defensive turrets seemed to be attentive to every move I made and gave a challenging time managing them and human combatants at the same time.

The Bad

Now with that being said the first glaring problem I had was the HUD(Heads Up Display). As I was playing the game I initially thought that the overall HUD was bugged because I didn’t notice my health meter. It wasn’t until I was half way though the level that it appeared above my ammo meter. This was indicated as a plus symbol and what ever health I had at the time. To add to it the navigation bar at the top served little to no purpose, it didn’t indicate direction or any thing vaguely similar.

Then the three guns that you are given at the start give you the false sense of power. The SMG is by far the best gun you can use during this first installment, the pistol is also nice and I found myself using that as a secondary weapon to the SMG, however it didn’t seem as effective. Finally is the shotgun which disappointed me the most. I was really leaning on the fact that it would do the most damage, sadly it was the least accurate weapon I used. Even at close range the weapon was very weak and often missed.

The Overall

For their first title I believe Synthetic Systemz really has a good start point for future episodes. Most of the assets were made in unity so I believe with a bit of updating the game has a lot of potential. Its not so far from lost that it cant be redeemed into a really fun title. In its current state however I cant recommend that it have a price point due to it being heavy with unity assets. Overall I would give the game 7/10 and will be keeping a close eye on it for future updates.