Best little dictator


Welcome back to another term on the archipelagos El Presidente! You are back to prove yourself as either a highly feared dictator or as the peace-loving statesman! Rally your people through inspiring speeches with promises (some you know you cant keep) to motivate the people to your side. The beautiful island state of Tropico, you shape the fate of your own republic through the four distinctive eras in our worlds history. How will you shape the future of your empire?

Island life

The game starts out in the colonial era where you learn the basics and set the foundation for your economy. As you progress you learn how to balance your desires for power and the well being for your people. Progressing through the era you also get introduced into the balance of power in worlds struggles. Overall dialogue is delightful as well as a touch of dry humor complimented on the well done voice acting. Graphically the textures and the environment is supremely stunning.

Not so online, online

Sadly the online mode for this game is all but nonexistent. I had attempted a few times through out the course of obtaining a copy of said game but there’s just no one online. I can not confirm if its the time of day or the fact of having the DLC plays a role but I could not get a game going. The other down side is the lack of custom game options. Examples would be to set AI vs you to test builds or have the ability to set open slots for other players to find you. As it stands your better off finding some one else who has the game to get a co-op match.


Even with some of the downsides I really did enjoy Tropico 6. I know that the game had changed hands from its original developers but they really gave it a good shot. The graphics and detail of the game were simply stunning and really gave me the feel of vivaciousness. Dialogue was fun and at times didn’t take itself seriously which added to the charm. The music was also really nice considering the game features a streamer friendly option.

I really wish the music, although friendly to streamers, evolved with the times. It really does get repetitive and makes the game feel almost like a chore. The other reportable issues such as the game breaking bugs most users had I wasn’t able to find so I could only assume it was a build issue or was patched out. Also the online mode I really wish was active. I believe that release builds or just overall game state really was a downside to multiplayer.

In my opinion I really did enjoy this game despite its flaws. It really sucked me into the promise of overall development and the personalities of the people, netural player characters, I encountered along the way. The music is really nice for the beginning and gives you an overall feel of the island life. The game series itself has such a legacy and I really do hope there are changes for the next installment. Games like this are such a breath of live in gaming I hope to see more improvements in future titles.