Failed On Perception


Wave after wave of enemies thrust themselves against your defenses. You hear the wood buckle from each strike of the monsters swing. The defenses you set in place only hold them for so long. Their glowing red eyes can been seen through the twilight of the night. You stand alone against the army’s of evil that are determined to make their way into your stronghold. How will you survive?

Some one needs to roll perception

I’ve been a fan of tower defense games for a good while. Games like Plants v. Zombies or Dungeon Defenders always seemed so fun and well flushed out. So naturally when I came across this game I had hope that it would follow the same formula or at least bring something unique. To my disappointment I was severely let down.

To start things off the game wasn’t even fully translated. When the starting cut scene rolls out the text is in Russian while the audio is in English. One of the first rules for developing a game is consistency, not only in your game concept but how it runs. So if you cant’ be bothered to fully translate the first few scenes then we have an issue.

Now moving on to the initial game play which was…okay to say the least. After the first few levels I found myself just repeating challenges. There was nothing unique, no change in difficulty, nothing. Zip. The game even suffered from lag issues in the higher levels. ‘More the merrier’ wasn’t in this games best interest.

The one shining light in the whole of this game was the audio and the menus. Purchasing spells and items between levels wasn’t a huge hassle and was fairly easy to navigate. Audio was nice and was fairly consistent with very few de-syncs in the whole of my game experience. I could really find the unique differences between the monsters and which spells were used.


I want to make it clear that I’m not against mobile games or mobile ports for that matter. It just get really frustrating when a game is brought to platforms other than mobile and little to no effort is put into the game. Changing a few lines of code or a few assets here and there wont make the game any different when you change platforms.

Making a mobile to PC, or any other platform for that matter, should make it unique to draw attention. When you don’t put effort into ports it really shows. Gamers DO take notice and it really speaks to how much you invest into your projects. Time should have more value over a monetary need, with that being said I will give the game a 3/10.