Nuclear winter just got a little colder


All the bombs have dropped and the dust has settled. Its reclamation day, 2102 and your time has come to leave the vault and see the real world. You are one of the last remaining people chosen to live in the vault. Welcome to the world reborn in the flames of the nuclear devastation. Solo or co-op how will you set out to change the world or deal with its biggest threats?

Bugs or enemy’s?

When I had initially heard about Fallout 76 reaching out to being a MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online, i was genuinely happy. I had been and still am a fan of the series and a lot of the complexity it brought. However Bethesda still kept to its guns and managed to tarnish something so wonderful. With Bethesda they have been infamous for the bugs present in the vast majority of their titles.

I do have to applaud them for doing something different but that would mean they have to be different. The game itself was not received very well at launch as a lot of the core parts of the game were missing. So when it was announced that they would provide a free week of Fallout 76 I had to see what was so ill contrived about a title from a series so beloved by so many. Oh boy was I in for one heck of a ride.

The base mode of the game has a lot of the similar customizable options that Fallout 4, and some other fallout games had, however the body sizes were not proportional. Then we go into the overall controls and surprisingly they handled fairly well. That is until you need to access terminals, combat, or overall movement. Then be prepared to wait for the animations to stop or hitting solid walls while trying to move over small rocks.

The survival mode is honestly nothing truly remarkable about it. You are subject to on the spot pvp and should you die your loot drops upon your death. Thus you must select a re-spawn point and travel all the way back to gain your items. You only lose a portion of them because the times during my play thought that I died I was able to keep my armor and weapons. There is also a global ranking system which was interesting but overall it feels like a hard more.

Now they have added a new edition, the Nuclear Winter mode or the battle royale mode. This mode is in early stages and was also announced at E3. I really, really, REALLY don’t know why this game has a B.R. mode in the first place. Its not very well done, even for something in early access, and honestly feels like they are copying and pasting things that Apex legends has done. There is no solo or duo mode and your forced into a squad when you wait to drop onto the map. It just seems like they tried to rush a mode in to please the fan base whilst they “attempt” to complete the game itself.


Now for a game that had come out in November of last year I really expected more from a company that was really taking bold steps. The game needed to be flushed out for bugs and made fully playable instead of throwing in more game modes. Granted yes, the survival mode and the B.R. mode are in early access/beta stages but they were not necessary. There are just to many missing pieces and not enough to really keep me invested in the game.

I really can’t recommend the game at all. With most other Bethesda titles I’m very optimistic however with this game I can’t be. The context of PvP and how loot is situated is just convoluted and a mess. Bethesda is just going to continuously throw modes out hoping to distract from the game not being complete. Almost like an adult jingling keys in front of a child. If you are a fan of the series and want to check this out I would suggest buying the game when It’s on sale. I would not buy it as full price because its not complete at all.

I would give the game currently a 3/10.