Major Update #2: Languages, Premium and Security


As we gain feedback from the community and continue to evolve our site we’ve brought in elements and features we had already planned as well as ones brought to our attention from you guys and we’ve been hard at work to implement them.

We’re proud to announce our second major update as we introduce a host of features to improve the user quality of life whilst also providing better protection from spam and bot accounts. Let’s run down the new features…

Multiple language translation
To accommodate our multilingual users we have added multiple site-wide language options. To find out what languages are on offer click on the “Translate” button at the bottom of the page and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like your language added to the list. We currently use google translate services for all translations, and via your browsers region ID, we will attempt to automatically translate the website for you.

Premium members area and support
Inside your profile area you will see we have changed the right-hand sidebar, it now displays a “Members Area” for better navigation for all users. If you are a Premium or Premium Plus member you will also see more options such as the ability to submit a resume as well as viewing any job alerts.

Also for our premium members we have now added a handy “Premium Support” option, this will give you the ability to contact our support staff if you have come across any issues on the site or if specific features aren’t working and if you’re not a premium member what are you waiting for?

Additional Security
We have beefed up our security recently to give our users a more secure place to apply for your dream job. Although a lot of this is in the backend and you (hopefully) won’t notice much of this, be aware we have strengthened our password protection so please keep this in mind if you ever change your password in the future. We have further options to secure the site through 2 factor authentication however we are always open to feedback and new ideas so please comment below if you feel we need to do more.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope these changes are to your liking and we endeavor to continue to improve your experience on our website.

The EsportWorks Team