Major Update #3: Job Listing, Profiles and Live Support


It’s been quite a while since our last blog post and last major update for that matter. There are two reasons behind that, firstly we’ve been distracted by our excellent community. Interacting with you guys and watching you all gaining achievements and battling it out on our leader board has been amazing to watch and as always we are astounded by the support we receive. The second reason is that we wanted this update to be the best of the best in terms of features we’re implementing, so without further ado lets get into it.

Profile Extended Fields

In an effort to streamline the user profiles and give you an easier way to input all your esport experience we have added the ability to personalise your profile like never before. You will notice a new section to your profile called, “Extended Fields” which will replace repeatable parts of your current profile.

The areas you will need to update include: Education – Professional Experience – Esports Experience. We are giving users 60 days to move over all relevant information to the new fields before deleting the old ones. This will make things more fluid moving forwards as we aim to make applying for jobs directly with your profile.

Job posts for all

After feedback from our community and many long conversations in the office we have decided to open up job listings to all users. You are no longer restricted to applying to our partner program to post jobs. All job listings will have to go through admin approval but we believe that opening up listings to all, we can reduce the idea of exclusivity, allow more companies to list jobs and for you to get your dream job you’ve been looking for.

Companies Page

As we continue to streamline our website for a greater user experience we started to think about how our users are finding the jobs they want. As you all know finding and applying for jobs is a key aspect of our community and we were unsure whether the right jobs were being found by the right people. This is why we’ve now introduced a new Companies page. Users can now easily find the job they want from the company they want without having to scroll through pages of vacant job listings.

Live chat support

If you are a premium member or partner you will now see a small pop-up on the bottom right of your profile page. We have now added live chat support designed to offer you a better customer service and more direct way for us to sort out any issues. An admin will be on stand-by from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (BST) to help with any issues you might be having on the site. We hope that this will improve the user experience and give you a less frustrating time as we transition ourselves out of the Beta phase and into full release.

Once again we would like to thank our community for their continued support and keep an eye out for more major updates in the future and we continue to develop the site.

– The EsportWorks Team