Out of your shell and into the world


The ethereal dawn wraps the earth in a warm embrace. You see a vessel and soft hills that seem to guide your way. A voice speaks to you from a familiar part of your soul. You are charged to find a way to be born into a world unlike any other. Their are terrors that are corrupting the purest of souls and only you can turn the tide.

This is a world unlike any other
I really wasn’t prepared when I began my journey of Anodyne 2. I was apprehensive to start my journey with the second in the series but I quickly noticed you could play them but in which ever order you so chose. Equal but separate which was definitely interesting. Most games you have to play in order or take the series timeline into consideration and so on.

The intro really threw me off because of the overall theme and the initial character design. It really gave me vibes of some drug induced dream that I had to work my way through. The music was very reminiscent of the early Playstation era as well as the graphics which are present through out the game. Gives a nostalgic feel for most of the generation that grew up with those games.

Once you dive deeper into the game and you beat the first boss this is when you really get to the yolk of the game. The characters you end up saving are very well fleshed out. Their issues that caused them to be corrupted are deep and touching. The game handles well and responds almost flawlessly. Level design also has shades of brilliance because you have to really pay attention to the landscape and your surroundings.

Now that I have attempted my best spoiler free review I can give my final thoughts. This game is very underrated. The music and graphics are a little off putting at first but I really think that adds to the charm of the game. Characters are well thought out and really have that human essence. The controls respond so smoothly it really makes the game enjoyable. I understand why Jessie Cox really gave this game such high regard and I will do the same as well. In the end I give this game 9/10.