Should I volunteer to work in Esports?


Work in Esports

There are a vast number of opportunities to work in esports, ranging from entry level to expert skill levels. It is not uncommon at all to see esports orgs and startups look for volunteer staff. In fact it’s a great way for esports orgs to grow and flourish. Passionate staff make things happen, but more so for you as an individual to enhance your own skills and experience, and ultimately your C.V.

All careers advisors will tell you, “volunteering looks great on your C.V.” which to some degree is true, but in this context, they tend to mean doing work with, or for a charity. The times are changing and especially in regards to esports jobs and the many fields that it covers.

Don’t even play games?

You do not have to be a pro gamer to get paid, to work in esports, and a lot of knowledge can go a long way. Combine that knowledge with experience and you are on your way to becoming an esports professional – being paid for what you do.

Here are just some typical entry level jobs seen in esports:

  • Graphic Artist
  • Content Writer
  • Commentator
  • Stream Producer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Data Analyst

Now bare in mind, some of these roles do require some experience, but in most cases, you can reasonably expect these to be featured only in start-up orgs. Some orgs are a wee bit cheeky and will try and make every staff member a volunteer, or as its better known, take advantage. Typically they submit job descriptions that clearly requires any candidate have:

  • Years of experience
  • Expensive Education
  • Expensive Equipment
  • Expensive Software
  • Covered their own Travel Expenses

When EsportWorks see a submission like this, and it’s been posted as a volunteer job, our admins waste no time rejecting such silly vacancies.

Paid work in Esports

Some orgs and their owners are selfish, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and exploitative behaviour. Sure its okay to expect some volunteers, but be cautious of what you are asking of them to volunteer. A highly skilled job in Esports is no less valuable than a similar job, in another industry.

This same advice also goes to job searchers, in particular when looking at volunteer job descriptions. Pay attention to what is being asked of you, not just in terms of your time, but your skills and experience.

If you are highly skilled, have spent years in a particular field or area of expertise that could cross over into esports, then the judgement of volunteering is on you.

Having been previously getting paid to do that “similar role” in another industry, you will know what your salary expectations are likely to be – and esports simply may not be able to match it. Esports is full of start-ups who need the help and support of skilled volunteers.

Why volunteer in Esports?

If you have little to no experience – but plenty of knowledge and ability to fulfill a basic job description then yes – VOLUNTEER

While you are volunteering you are building a network of contacts and developing your own experience and skills. In many cases you are able to get a better understanding of how the industry operates.

This in turn becomes CV worthy experience that will set you on a path towards paid roles in esports. We want esports as an industry to flourish and grow, taking peoples passion, and making it work for the greater community.

Should esports be in my CV?

EsportWorks is the only place that allows you to build a complete esports profile, for free. We are still a start-up and are still developing our website and services for the whole community.

Our aim is to make it a seamless process of finding a job, and applying in one or two clicks with your dedicated esports profile. While we work our way towards this vision, you could include your EsportWorks profile link into any esports job application.

Often on twitter we see users posting about how they would like to get a job in esports, and they stop there, expecting twitter to come to their aid. Some people are lucky, or have the required connections for this to work out for them, the rest – well we just haven’t got round to telling them about us yet.

Stand out from the crowd

EsportWorks provides a space for employers to head-hunt you. As the only dedicated place to complete a comprehensive esports profile, network with other users and browse jobs, we want to help you stand out from the crowd.

Create a profile, and share that on twitter – you have already raised your game and potential interest to employers.