Some one call the exterminator


In the darkest moments of human history we find tales that show rays of hope. We follow the tale of Amicia and her young brother Hugo. They travel plague stricken 1349 France. Hunted by invading soldiers and the Inquisition through the villages devastated by the disease. With only the bond between them how will they survive?

I think its time to call and exterminator

This game really took me through a roller coaster of emotions. I didnt think the game would be capable of delivering on such a complex and heart wrenching story. It honestly was giving me really big D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) vibes and I really got on board with that super quickly. The environments were well thought out and very well constructed. Audio wise, music and sound effects, meshed very well with each environment we arrived at.

The game runs well up until there is an action sequence. Then the game seems to drop from 60 fps to 5 fps. Character development scales really nicely in the whole of the game. One of the big issues I faced, personally, is that I was really expecting a variety of puzzles. A lot of the main issues in the game turned into ‘the floor is lava’ as opposed to a thought out challenge.


Now despite the issues I stated earlier the game is well thought out. The environment shows the slow decay of how the infection is destroying the land. Character development is really nicely executed and acted. Music really paints the despair and turmoil of the game itself. This roller coaster of a game is definitely worth every penny and enjoyable at every step of the way. I would give this game 9/10 all day.