Things that go bump in the night


All journeys start with the simplest of ideas. They have simple getaways with simple destinations. However some times one amongst the group always has a motive. There are other locations or people that need to be seen. This is how a simple dream turns into a complex nightmare.

Spooky ships and tetanus in your leg.

So from the people that brought us Until Dawn comes the first installment in a new anthology ‘The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan’. Right from the start I was really intrigued to play it. I had watched play through from various youtubers so I was invested in several aspects to see if they would translate into this new addition. Also to see how it would work considering the jump from console to PC. I, like many others were very interested to see if they could pull it off.

The overall game runs well with a few hiccups here and there. Its pretty decently optimized for high end hardware. In-game cut scenes are really well done. It really sets the game up for the jump scares and also blends with the dark haunting atmosphere. However my biggest issue is that the character models feel almost robotic rather than human.

Now on to the dialogue which can be summed up as cringy at best. The game goes through different times in human history so the dialogue changes. I initially thought we went from world war 2 era, 1945, then jumped to the 90’s. However a few character development scenes later come to find out its modern day. In addition the whole interaction with friends and the captain seem awkward. Almost as if the voice actors themselves are still trying to figure out the lines.

Now we move on to the audio which was well mixed and really set the right tones. The way the characters mannerisms mixed with the creepy ambiance of the ship really meshed well. The background music set the tone for the moments of discovery. It also played the right tones in moments of fear or discovery. Monster audio was also a key factor in how the monsters meshed to deceive you with the survivors.


Ultimately the game just felt stale and really didn’t hit the notes I was hoping for. I understand game companies like to follow formulas that work for them. However this game just felt rushed. It’s really nice for a good jump scare however the inability to skip cut scenes, especially on a second play though, really adds to the irritation. I do look forward to how the company evolves from this being that its the first in a planned series.

More interactive game play and better dialogue will bring this game to a new level. In addition to giving the characters more human properties. The music is on point and really something that saves the game. As well as the optimized game play. Overall I would give this game a 6/10.