Where one door opens another boss lies


The light creeps over the hill exposing this cold new world. Your comrades come too, all reeling from what seemed to be like a never ending battle. This dark castle sits before you as a cold reminder. Before you is a world unlike anything you have ever scene. As you observe your surroundings this dark monolith stands at the end of a bridge. The closer you are, the more you notice the gentle breeze of a familiar fall day.

Which world is this or is this world that?

The world of Mirador offers so many different options in this vast and complex universe. The music in the game sets so many tones and emotions. With the graphics the game takes a slightly darker, softer tone that is quite nice. Inventory is fairly easy to pick up and understand. Then the construction system for the sentinels is pretty strait forward to understand.

However the downside of the game is the lack of minor enemies that lead up to the boss. The deeper you get into the game it turns into what seems a redundant feeling of beat this boss and then beat the next one. There are no challenges, no complexity to the inventory, just basic boss fighting. After a while into it unless its something appealing it can get boring rather quickly. The lack of class options also leads to the lack of complexity to the different levels in the game.


This game really stands to have a lot of potential in terms of growth. The new gear system for the characters you play helps add a small measure of difficulty helps personalize the experience. One major problem is the bosses, or sentinels, you face are all community made. So you could find yourself fighting the same 3 sentinels before you fight one that’s different. With the current update giving players options on load outs is very promising, I still believe the game has room to grow. Currently with the price I would give the game a 6/10.