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Website TeamShazoo Team Shazoo

Scottish based esports organisation

Team Shazoo is looking for a vibrant and interactive Community Manager to help expand and engage with fans, community members and possible supporters. The Community manager will be important in public engagement and making sure members and fans alike are enjoying themselves and gathering feedback to always make the team better.

Focusing primarily on Discord interactions and becoming a known Shazoo figure in our esports scenes the selected candidate will be able to express great knowledge about the organisation and its direction, and give great insight into potential new competitors interested in joining as well as talk on a more personal level with all members to ensure everyone feels welcome.

This role is on a voluntary basis and offers no immediate monetary benefits but instead offers business incentives such as progression up to further management roles and more great opportunities that can be discussed at the time of progression.

Some basic requirements we NEED in this role are:

  • Clear English speaking & writing.
  • Confident to interact on a general and personal level with people
  • Have a good amount of time available to invest in the role.
  • Positive minded.
  • Willing to run/handle Shazoo events on multiple games when they are running.